If we desire something in life bad enough it’s only a matter of time before we “get it!” With sustained imagination, hard work and or course faith we find that the tools will be presented to us along the journey. The fun part of life is when you are always living your purpose. How do we do that? We need to just decide what it is we stand for and what makes us happy through the medium of serving ourselves and others. We have to value our abilities to create value for others. Once we make a definite decision, the universe corresponds to the nature of our desires. We don’t have to know how we are going to do the “thing.” We just have to know that we will..


Visualization in Action

 There is no more effective tool to creative thought than the power of visualization. When used correctly in the present moment with belief and desire it can manifest our thoughts into things at lightning speed. The trick is calmness and relaxation when in the process. I went through a few years where anxiety and worry dominated my mind and when I went to the exercise I found my mental faculties blocked and hindered for growth. At some points of this time in my life I thought I had lost my mental powers completely. Unfortunately I hurt some people that loved and cared about me along the way because of my frustration. Now that I’ve let go and let god, accepted myself for what I am ( A being of light vibrating at high a frequency when I allow myself) The whole world looks and feels different. More energy is drawn in by the law of vibration, and the law of increasing returns is a more content person because of this powerful energy stream. In closing, relax and focus on all the beauty that surrounds you.

See it, feel it, receive it…

Gentely focus as if it were

 Whether we want to accept it or not, everything we are and have is a result of what we have thought into existence from the time we entered the world as a child. It’s the belief systems we have programmed into our subconscious minds that determines the emotional state that causes the effects of our life. I would like to give everyone a tip. When manifesting an outcome you desire, focus on deep belly breaths and as little resistance as possible. Meditation is a key force that has proven outcomes to successfully bring desires into the present moment. Always act as though you have manifested your dreams as though the dream is now true. In essence, make your dream your life.

Enjoy and have fun.


 Visualization holds the key to bringing our greatest dreams to fruition. Our thoughts sets an impression on the mind which then sets the creative forces in action. The physical body responds to intense desires! Action is obviously the key in putting our focus to work! Nobody has ever seen what the mind looks like, although we have the capacity to read other minds through telepathy. How brilliant the mind is then to know we can channel energy that we absorb from the ether. Ask and it will always be given in direct proportion to the repetition of what we think and BELIEVE to be true. The visualization process can take practice, to undo old paradigms that deeply root themselves in the subconscious mind. Have fun with training your mind to see yourself in the situations you feel will make you happy.

Awareness to receive life’s blessings.

 If you can see it in your mind, you can see it in your reality! This all comes down to the paradigms we imbed into our subconscious mind with feeling and belief. Awareness is the key of course, and the proof will be quite evident when you focus on any subject for a certain amount of time, relax and gently guide your thoughts and feelings towards what you want to see in the physical world. The only thing that holds us away from our dreams is resistance. Speaking from personal observations and life experience I practice impressing images into my mind, eyes closed with deep breaths. If I read with focus and intention I see what I send out in thought form every time, whether it comes to me as my own possession or I see the image in a for example a magazine article. It’s endless what we create with our minds. The key is to feel good and focus with ease. The minute we stop believing the minute we stop receiving. Relax and breath with a smile on your face, give it your all to be happy and I’m certain better thoughts and experiences will fill your life in abundance. 
Namaste friends. RJP

Sources from unknown forces

 We’ve all had hunches and been right. Guessed people’s names out of thin air, intuitively known “things” are going to happen, even deja vu. Usually we don’t give much thought to where this information is coming from though. What if thought, which is energy moving at an inconceivably high rate of vibration is picking up other thought signals or waves from other brains or the ether where all thought vibrations known to man are still very much alive in a universal storehouse? And then people wonder why our minds get so cluttered and busy at times. People wonder why they are on an emotional treadmill spinning like a one legged duck at times just wanting to slow the thought process down so they can focus more on the powerful “NOW” where everything is created for future events because that’s all we ever have. We can hold onto past events and dream of the future, but it’s always going to be “NOW”.  So here’s a tip to be more let’s say free from the wonderment and bewilderment of what’s going on in your brain. Try deep breathing mediation for at least 10 minutes a day, eat a healthy diet, and get at least 30min of exercise a day. Everything I just stated will bring your mind into alignment with more focus and your body will be more receptive to the channels of energy which you are picking up from the storehouse of the ether and other people’s subconscious faculties. The funny part that isn’t really that funny is that we as a human race, every individual has so much more power and ability inside that super computer called a brain. Is it a phenomenon that we can remember past events from 20 years ago or more like they happened yesterday? Your brain is a data bank that files away memories, good and bad that get processed and stored. Sometimes it takes a little jarring for the memories to come back, but usually if we don’t force them, they do. So just imagine…You can visualize events, places and things in your mind with belief that it will happen, and through repetition the brain will pick up on these vibrations of energy and it’s only a matter of time before the source, which is the receiving set (creative imagination of the brain) will either steer you in the direction of your thought habits, or give you a definite plan for procuring your thoughts. Thoughts truly do become things! It’s what we think that matters the most. 
Namaste. Ryan John Phillips.

The Brain power

 The human brain is such an intricate piece of machinery! between 10,000,000,000 and 14,000,000,000 nerve cells are arranged in definite patterns in the pre frontal cortex of the brian. Whoever (they say) the scientists  and religionists of the world, new enlightenment is now being brought to the surface about the brain. Inside our brain we store data, just like a computer our brain file’s sense impressions from everything in our daily thought and tangible life. We have the ability to tap into other people’s minds as well which baffles even the humblest scientist or man of religion. Forces from unknown sources can be channelled through the creative faculties of our imagination. How? the feeling portion of the human body (the emotions) send signals into the universe, and in the same way as the radio broadcasting station the human brain emits a frequency that is returned in the form of concrete physical reality. That’s why it’s very important to be careful what you ask for. Stay focused on your goals and treat others with love and respect. The importance of feeling good largely depends on the understanding and control over our emotions. (self control and self discipline) The more we inject good habits and positive affirmations into the subconscious section of the mind, the more we can take control of everything that benefits our habit life, such as sound health and love of oneself and others. The greatest forces truly are intangible. We as a human race can’t produce anything in the physical word without thinking, dreaming or moulding the thought energy into form. What a stupendous fact that is. Everything perceptible to man started in the form of a thought. That means whatever you think about, you bring about! We can all do more with the super computer in our head as well. Ponder on that thought for a while the next time your truly desire something! Think gentle and easy, but forceful with positive belief that what you think will manifest through the energy that creates worlds.
Namaste. RJP.

what you visualize you become

What’s Your View?

Love Papa.


Do you watch from the sidelines or run with the team?

Do you warm the bench or are you in the huddle?

Do you scream from the nosebleed seats or take a bow on the field?

Are you cheering from the stands or belting it out on the stage?

Are you listening with headphones or in front of the microphone?

Are you reading the book or writing the story?

We all have talents.

Are you using yours to the best of your ability?

What you visualize you can become!

So what’s YOUR view?

Love Papa.

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Jim McKillop

Notes From Papa

mould your dreams

Gary Price is a master sculptor would guide us through forming our vision for the next year. He with all is earnestness, eyes closed allowed us to tap into the creative faculties of our imagination. I saw colors, I saw travel and giving, but most of all I saw giving back to the world the inner child through my heart.
Gary is currently involved with a project building a 300 ft statue called the Statue of Responsibility that will be proudly standing on the West Coast of the USA in 5 years time. I had the opportunity to meet him and his wife and the are so passionate about connecting humanity in a great direction.
Cheers my friends to more good !

It’s more than meets the eye..

 Your mind, body and soul are all connected..The greatest blessing in life is the gift to form clear mental pictures of past, present and future events. Imagine, that’s all it takes. The more we practice getting into the habit of visualization the easier it gets to bring about what we think about. So here’s the key. Dream while awake with eyes closed or shut with feeling. Have believing what your visualizing will actually take place. As far as your concerned it should be a done deal. When you can harness your thought energy with that much intensity, manifestation is sure to follow within a short amount of time depending on your belief . Be aware of what is unfolding in the conscious dream you live in. Life gives you all that you dream and think about if you keep the channels so open. Just do your best not to be impatient. That’s where most people get frustrated and give up. Remember this universe in infinite. Let go of any fears and create what it already waiting for you to achieve.