Awareness to receive life’s blessings.

 If you can see it in your mind, you can see it in your reality! This all comes down to the paradigms we imbed into our subconscious mind with feeling and belief. Awareness is the key of course, and the proof will be quite evident when you focus on any subject for a certain amount of time, relax and gently guide your thoughts and feelings towards what you want to see in the physical world. The only thing that holds us away from our dreams is resistance. Speaking from personal observations and life experience I practice impressing images into my mind, eyes closed with deep breaths. If I read with focus and intention I see what I send out in thought form every time, whether it comes to me as my own possession or I see the image in a for example a magazine article. It’s endless what we create with our minds. The key is to feel good and focus with ease. The minute we stop believing the minute we stop receiving. Relax and breath with a smile on your face, give it your all to be happy and I’m certain better thoughts and experiences will fill your life in abundance. 
Namaste friends. RJP