Sources from unknown forces

 We’ve all had hunches and been right. Guessed people’s names out of thin air, intuitively known “things” are going to happen, even deja vu. Usually we don’t give much thought to where this information is coming from though. What if thought, which is energy moving at an inconceivably high rate of vibration is picking up other thought signals or waves from other brains or the ether where all thought vibrations known to man are still very much alive in a universal storehouse? And then people wonder why our minds get so cluttered and busy at times. People wonder why they are on an emotional treadmill spinning like a one legged duck at times just wanting to slow the thought process down so they can focus more on the powerful “NOW” where everything is created for future events because that’s all we ever have. We can hold onto past events and dream of the future, but it’s always going to be “NOW”.  So here’s a tip to be more let’s say free from the wonderment and bewilderment of what’s going on in your brain. Try deep breathing mediation for at least 10 minutes a day, eat a healthy diet, and get at least 30min of exercise a day. Everything I just stated will bring your mind into alignment with more focus and your body will be more receptive to the channels of energy which you are picking up from the storehouse of the ether and other people’s subconscious faculties. The funny part that isn’t really that funny is that we as a human race, every individual has so much more power and ability inside that super computer called a brain. Is it a phenomenon that we can remember past events from 20 years ago or more like they happened yesterday? Your brain is a data bank that files away memories, good and bad that get processed and stored. Sometimes it takes a little jarring for the memories to come back, but usually if we don’t force them, they do. So just imagine…You can visualize events, places and things in your mind with belief that it will happen, and through repetition the brain will pick up on these vibrations of energy and it’s only a matter of time before the source, which is the receiving set (creative imagination of the brain) will either steer you in the direction of your thought habits, or give you a definite plan for procuring your thoughts. Thoughts truly do become things! It’s what we think that matters the most. 
Namaste. Ryan John Phillips.