Visualization in Action

 There is no more effective tool to creative thought than the power of visualization. When used correctly in the present moment with belief and desire it can manifest our thoughts into things at lightning speed. The trick is calmness and relaxation when in the process. I went through a few years where anxiety and worry dominated my mind and when I went to the exercise I found my mental faculties blocked and hindered for growth. At some points of this time in my life I thought I had lost my mental powers completely. Unfortunately I hurt some people that loved and cared about me along the way because of my frustration. Now that I’ve let go and let god, accepted myself for what I am ( A being of light vibrating at high a frequency when I allow myself) The whole world looks and feels different. More energy is drawn in by the law of vibration, and the law of increasing returns is a more content person because of this powerful energy stream. In closing, relax and focus on all the beauty that surrounds you.

See it, feel it, receive it…