“Giving back is the highest form of currency”

Ryan Phillips TEDx Talk

Our Brilliant Minds

It has been said by certain experts in brain science that we only use up to 10 percent of our brains full potential. Another fact is that 25 percent of the energy our body uses on a daily basis is absorbed into the brain. Read More

Acceptance on Life’s Terms

As we move through life’s experience and reflect on days past and present it’s important to be aware that we are in the midst of massive change. Along our journey on this planet it’s almost impossible to not see that we are all universally attached in some way shape or form. We all face times of adversity or challenges in life and that’s when I find it so important to take a step back, read between the lines and see that life is presenting tests for our growth in day to day moments. Read More

Ashton Kutcher testified before a U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee looking at ways to end human trafficking

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“Cowboy” Cerrone Fights Against Child Sex Slavery With Dave Scholten and Ryan John Phillips

Ryan John Phillips was born in North Vancouver B.C on July 8th 1975. From the time he was 2, Ryan was on skates with a hockey stick in his hands. The dream of becoming an N.H.L superstar was imbedded into his mind from almost infancy. He played the game he loved and eventually left home at the age of 16 to pursue his dream in the Junior ranks of Canada. (The gateway to the N.H.L.) Unfortunately Ryan endured many serious injuries and off ice inner battles that hindered his growth and attitude. The game he once loved became more of a nightmare. He played parts of 5 years in the semi pro leagues in the United States, after a tumultuous junior career.

At 19 he was introduced to the beginning of the B.C marijuana boom, and that perked his interest because of the large sums of wealth that could be accumulated in a short time. Hockey fell to the wayside and Ryan took his networking skills and used them by forming a smuggling ring that generated millions of dollars a year. His luck ran out after losing many associates to murder and substance abuse, he landed himself in a Federal Detention Center for over 500 days. The charge was conspiracy to import 103 pounds of the banned plant. Ryan learned a lot while incarcerated, most importantly how important our freedom is.

It took a few more years of hard earned experience before Ryan left the underworld that takes no prisoners. He decided in his own mind that everything that he thought he wanted in life, primarily money started to take on a different meaning. He began to see the spiritual side of life on earth and made the decision that he wanted true happiness. It didn’t take long before he realized that this is a constant inside job that we can control with our thoughts. In 2011 Ryan formed Return To Happiness with the intention to give back through his own adversity, hope and transformation. He became actively involved in activism to help children who have been sold into child sex slavery. He received a humanitarian waiver in 2012 and hasn’t looked back on helping to serve others. He’s an international speaker that speaks on many aspects of our present day reality.

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Dave Scholten is no stranger to the word adversity! Born in Hamilton, Ontario, he lived on a 30 acre farm and learned priceless values like hard work and integrity that would serve him for the rest of his life. Dave moved to Vancouver, B.C with his family at the age of fifteen. Shortly after the move, he had a near death experience when his father tried to drown him in the creek that ran outside their home. Dave knew he was unsafe living under the roof of his mentally unstable father, and moved out. In 1995 Dave lost his father due to suicide, caused by mental health.

At the age of nineteen, Dave beat a world champion in wrestling, making him a three-time Canadian champion. He was living on his own, eating kraft dinner and McDonald’s every day, because that was all he could afford. This made his title in wrestling very extraordinary.

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