About Dave


Dave Scholten is no stranger to the word adversity!

Born in Hamilton, Ontario, he lived on a 30 acre farm and learned priceless values like hard work and integrity that would serve him for the rest of his life. Dave moved to Vancouver, B.C with his family at the age of fifteen. Shortly after the move, he had a near death experience when his father tried to drown him in the creek that ran outside their home. Dave knew he was unsafe living under the roof of his mentally unstable father, and moved out. In 1995 Dave lost his father due to suicide, caused by mental health.

At the age of nineteen, Dave beat a world champion in wrestling, making him a three-time Canadian champion. He was living on his own, eating kraft dinner and McDonald’s every day, because that was all he could afford. This made his title in wrestling very extraordinary.

Times were tough. Going to school during the day, wrestling in the evening and chicken catching at night to pay his rent, Dave didn’t quit. He then saved up and started his own roofing business.

In 1995, months after the passing of his father, Daves sister was murdered by her ex-husband. A daughter, a sister and a mother of three children. Dave’s outlet to deal with the emotional pain was his passion for wrestling.

After dealing with the loss of his father and sister, he took up MMA (Mixed martial arts) a new sport that emerged. It has now become the fastest growing sport in the world.

Despite adversity he aspires to set an example that you are not your past, and with the right attitude anyone can have a happy, positive and bright future.

Dave firmly believes that in today’s society no child should ever go without food or shelter. He has recently become an advocate against human trafficking and child sex slavery. His gift to help others overcome obstacles is something he is very passionate about. He wants to inspire others with his story showing that we can all make it through anything with a positive mindset.

When Dave isn’t engaged in helping others achieve goals, he loves to train martial arts, hike and travel the world. Return To Happiness resonates with him because he knows everyone has to deal with adversity at some point in their life.