The Brain power

 The human brain is such an intricate piece of machinery! between 10,000,000,000 and 14,000,000,000 nerve cells are arranged in definite patterns in the pre frontal cortex of the brian. Whoever (they say) the scientists  and religionists of the world, new enlightenment is now being brought to the surface about the brain. Inside our brain we store data, just like a computer our brain file’s sense impressions from everything in our daily thought and tangible life. We have the ability to tap into other people’s minds as well which baffles even the humblest scientist or man of religion. Forces from unknown sources can be channelled through the creative faculties of our imagination. How? the feeling portion of the human body (the emotions) send signals into the universe, and in the same way as the radio broadcasting station the human brain emits a frequency that is returned in the form of concrete physical reality. That’s why it’s very important to be careful what you ask for. Stay focused on your goals and treat others with love and respect. The importance of feeling good largely depends on the understanding and control over our emotions. (self control and self discipline) The more we inject good habits and positive affirmations into the subconscious section of the mind, the more we can take control of everything that benefits our habit life, such as sound health and love of oneself and others. The greatest forces truly are intangible. We as a human race can’t produce anything in the physical word without thinking, dreaming or moulding the thought energy into form. What a stupendous fact that is. Everything perceptible to man started in the form of a thought. That means whatever you think about, you bring about! We can all do more with the super computer in our head as well. Ponder on that thought for a while the next time your truly desire something! Think gentle and easy, but forceful with positive belief that what you think will manifest through the energy that creates worlds.
Namaste. RJP.