It’s more than meets the eye..

 Your mind, body and soul are all connected..The greatest blessing in life is the gift to form clear mental pictures of past, present and future events. Imagine, that’s all it takes. The more we practice getting into the habit of visualization the easier it gets to bring about what we think about. So here’s the key. Dream while awake with eyes closed or shut with feeling. Have believing what your visualizing will actually take place. As far as your concerned it should be a done deal. When you can harness your thought energy with that much intensity, manifestation is sure to follow within a short amount of time depending on your belief . Be aware of what is unfolding in the conscious dream you live in. Life gives you all that you dream and think about if you keep the channels so open. Just do your best not to be impatient. That’s where most people get frustrated and give up. Remember this universe in infinite. Let go of any fears and create what it already waiting for you to achieve.