If not NOW..When??

¬†How many of us are great starters and poor finishers? or lets say half ass finishers or no finish at all. As far as we know we get one kick at the can on the round ball of energy we call earth. First we have to understand that there is so much value and talent in the storehouse of our being waiting to be expressed! Education has only a small part to do with the success we draw into our lives. The imagination is where all thoughts are conjured up ready for transmutation into physical reality. WE are so powerful that we can turn thought into form, what a stupendous statement! The key is to NOW impress the image over and over with desire and faith until our reality becomes what we thought. This might take a little time, I assure it will take some planning..but if we don’t act on our desires in the now, life will pass us by and who the heck wants regrets? Remember, when we make a decision the universe corresponds to the nature of our desires.

God Bless