We Radiate That Which We Are.

 It’s very obvious to the evolution of human consciousness that at the forefront of all modern day society is that science and spirituality is becoming intertwined. We don’t need to dress like a monk and chant songs of prayer to be “spiritual.” As we connect to the oneness of our eternal nature, and aware that we posses powers beyond the scope of our imagination it’s apparent that we bring about what we think and feel. What we receive moment to moment is never an accident. Awareness to environment and circumstances will always give our inner guidance the signals if we are on track. Sometimes I get anxious in the moment wondering what the future holds. And it’s until I let go absolute that life begins to flow again, then joy and comfort begins to dominate my entire being. It’s up to us ultimately to chose the people we associate with and expand with positive intention or negative mental constructs. It’s all in inside job that creates our outward circumstances, so if things aren’t flowing our way, it’s up to us to make changes. The better we feel the more in control we are. But we must be very careful when we feel so good, because there are people that love to pray on your good energy. Humility and compassion mixed with love are the key ingredients to a fulfilling long lasting friendship. Choosing friends that serve you equally is a fast track to success in any calling. Always be true to yourself.