If not NOW..When??

 How many of us are great starters and poor finishers? or lets say half ass finishers or no finish at all. As far as we know we get one kick at the can on the round ball of energy we call earth. First we have to understand that there is so much value and talent in the storehouse of our being waiting to be expressed! Education has only a small part to do with the success we draw into our lives. The imagination is where all thoughts are conjured up ready for transmutation into physical reality. WE are so powerful that we can turn thought into form, what a stupendous statement! The key is to NOW impress the image over and over with desire and faith until our reality becomes what we thought. This might take a little time, I assure it will take some planning..but if we don’t act on our desires in the now, life will pass us by and who the heck wants regrets? Remember, when we make a decision the universe corresponds to the nature of our desires.

God Bless

Accurate thinking

 One of, or the most important factors of success is the ability to source out and procure the data of which your goal stands upon with accurate thinking. Every lesson of temporary failure of defeat has been the neglect of making snap decisions based on the neglect of what could have made such a difference in outcomes. I reflect back at relationships and trust bonds, rushing into business ventures without thinking on the channels of what would be a turn key to success. I urge each and everyone of us to think soundly and accurately as possible before jumping into anything that may sound perfect. Do research and throw away guess work. If you don’t have the answers I’m sure you can procure them from an outside source. I will borrow a quote from a mentor of mine Bob Proctor “Speed up, and calm down.”

To your success

Down Stream

 If we could live in a perfect world our lives would be likened to a river. Going with the flow of life can be a test at times, especially when there are so many distractions in the physical world. After experiencing some up stream life for the past while, I’ve gently tried without trying to shift my state of consciousness back to the true nature of our being. Our true nature is divinely guided and ever so omnipotent with and infinite energy stream. Ultimately it’s up to us to reach down deep and ask our selves “what is it that we really want?’ For most it’s love and success. With true love and success comes happiness. I’ve come and returned to happiness many times in my existence, but how we define truth is what drives my heart to push life to the limitless creatures we are. Everyday can be an awakening and one of learning. We can never get back yesterdays, we can intend tomorrows, but intuitively it’s the searching for all our questions that make us get up and pursue our passion. I’ve had my ego put in check as of late, and it’s been the most humbling experience as to date. I only want the best for people that are striving for excellence for themselves and others. I think if we can project those feelings unto the world over, going down stream will become a habitual way of life.

Always stay true to yourself

 We all have a story, a past, present and a wonderful future in life if we search deep within and put forth the energies we know will serve ourselves and the world well. Sometimes it can be hard with all the distractions of everyday life be steadfast to our true convictions. This life is a test, a series of moments where in most cases we have the ability to think! What a blessing that we are Gods highest form of creation with superpowers beyond our wildest dreams. I’ve openly shared with a good number of people my past that included a lifestyle that I’m not always proud of (prison, drugs, alcohol, fast lane) but n some way i now know that I had to go through those moments and emotions to lead me to where I am now…GRATEFUL! You can never define someone through their past, especially when that person is making efforts in trying to make this world a better place. I do have faith that there are so many people out there really trying to make a difference weather it be silently or publicly. I was asked what my dream for humanity was a few months back, and the answer was easy…World Peace! Will I see it in my lifetime? I hope so, and even more so I hope to play a part in that transpiring because I love people and hate more than anything to see people suffer. Number one thing before anything else is we have to be true to ourselves and nurture our emotions. It doesn’t matter what others say or do, it what’s right in your heart that lets you go to bed at night with a clear mind.

Enjoy the day and I wish abundance and safety upon the world


Every moment counts

 The present wherein all is created is a precious life giving creative atmosphere! The infinite in this moment is the guidance we have to choose the thoughts and plans to make things happen. In no other way than the process of thinking towards that which we desire will “things” sprout into fruition.  In today’s advanced society we have the ability to choose what is good for us and others to grow and sustain thought provoking ideas and inspiration that have the ability to effect the world as a whole for generations to come. Make every moment count and count each moment as a blessing.


Happiness is a choice

Every morning when we open our eyes to the world, we have two choices. We can decide weather or not to be happy or the reverse gear, unhappy. Happiness in the English dialect means; a state of well-being and contentment,joy or bliss! In my search for happiness I’ve come to realize happiness comes with a state of mind that has been habitually prepared to receive life’s blessings that are available to each and everyone of us. Our environment determines much of how we as a human race “think”, so the decision is ultimately up to us. “Today I chose to be HAPPY, and give my best self to the world!” Here is an example of a wonderful affirmation we all can use as the starting point to reach happiness in the present moment.

 In my search for happiness I’ve realized it’s an inside job. It’s as simple as shutting off the negative energy around us and focusing on all the positive aspects of life. Even in times of turmoil it’s as if the cosmos give us these “test’s” to test our faith. If life was meant to be easy everyone would be happy. Even in happy times of our lives, they are only moments that are temporary. So it’s ultimately up to us to be conscious of our emotions.

Much Love

Get Charged Up..

 As the days of my life flow by rapidly I find myself merging into moments with more intentions. The more I intend and get into the so called habitual groove I find myself inspired to move more and enjoy this beautiful life we’ve been given. of course we all have our days but when we can laugh and appreciate the good and bad in our lives that’s when the infinite source gets behind anyone who desires heaven on earth to expand into a better  vibration. We send thoughts out from our suggestive feelings and immediately the vibrations of thought are picked up by the subconscious mind, recognized and then sent back through creative imagination. Easier said than done I bet your thinking? The important part, and this definitely goes for high energy physical people such as myself..is to relax let go and focus on the GOAL! This is where writing your goals down, reading them often and visualizing them as often as possible. The more we get into motion and new thought paradigms, the easier it is to relax in the present moment, and laugh at how every resource has been made available to us by nature to have an abundant life of health, wealth and of course the biggie, LOVE! I never would have thought a few years back that I would be so intrigued with “all that Is” But call it an awakening of sorts has led my conscious mind to really analyze every move I make. We all make decisions we wish we could take back. I know I’ve made plenty and felt like heck after and every time I re hash those memories I activate that vibrational feeling. That feeling then gets picked up by my subconscious mind, sent back through my creative imagination and I can faithfully say it doesn’t fail much. So it’s up to us to take possession of our own mind. We chose to have healthy thoughts or ones that don’t uplift us. We also chose to love ourselves, another biggie. If we can’t love our own heart how can we expect to love others? If your breathing, your alive and have the choice to charge up your batteries and live life fully. I hate to use the word I, but I’m having to get through this amazing generation of technology just like you. That’s why I want peace for the planet. The more peace on the planet, the happier people will be. The happier people are, the more opportunities for everyone.



It’s ultimately up to us.

 First off, if your reading this blog I’m truly grateful for your time. I’ve had this site down for many months where I’ve been searching for answers to life’s mysteries. Being in Los Angeles and doing my very best to finish off a film that was cut about 4 times if I remember right. All the countless hours and people I met along the way has led me into mental states I never could have imagined. Return to Happiness has taught me so many lessons in the past 3 years. My desire to give back to the people of the world knowledge through experiences of love and loss, success and failure..brings me to this moment right here and now. I’m positive we can all say we’ve made poor choices along the way and trusted people we thought were in alignment with the same intentions but that’s the great education of life. As of now my film is at a stand still until further notice. I’m okay with it though because it wasn’t the post production of the film that made me as happy as I allowed myself to be, it was the experience of acting on my intentions. My happiness always came as easy as tuning into our true nature of love and light. Happiness is written everywhere now (even exploited) and I question at times how many of us know the true meaning? I know that I’m the most happy in the present moment when I’m performing a labour of love that exudes positive energy and makes me laugh my ass off. No matter what we do in life, it’s our choice no matter what the conditions or environment as to what state of mind we are in. Making this film has been the hardest endeavour I ever chose. That’s what I have to keep reminding myself, is “I” chose to make a film that a lot of people saw after the third cut was released in  Miami and Colorado almost a year and a half ago. Just the fact that I had positive feedback made me feel like I contributed to the world and my own well being. Now I know more than ever, it’s not about me at all. My prison sentence of over 500 days was a cake walk compare to some of the adversities that I will choose not to mention while striving to help make this world a better place at this time. The great thing is, is that I will NEVER quit! I’m back writing, I’ve learned to let go more and accept. I’ve learned all the positive and negative emotions in detail and perhaps that’s what infinite intelligence wanted for Ryan John Phillips. 
 The main thing in Returning to happiness, is that we have to be AWARE! The great river of life has handed me the greatest blessings over the past few years, and none of them have been material. I had everything in the physical world at one point in my life, and I really was led to believe that was it! Was I ever wrong. Now I have a deeper understanding how the universe works as a whole. How true that our feelings and words when emotionalized create our reality, because I’ve silently witnessed every vibrational request streamline into my life in lack and abundance. So…Now I begin a new quest with the same mission! I have love in my heart, but anger to let go. I have the capacity to help others, but know I need help as well. I’m excited to create a comeback so to speak, because I truly know now that every setback does carry with it the SEED of a greater benefit. This blog means a lot to me, because for a long while the reasoning facility of my imagination was tampered with and manipulated. That’s okay though because I learned the art of allowing and who, what and where to GIVE. The riches in life stem far deeper than material and financial gain. Humility and maturity in many cases can come with losing a lot before you gain. As a closing to this blog, I’d like to thank all my true friends, family and of course the readers of my thoughts that are typed into the lines you read now. But there is one person that has been there as my rock in the past 8 months, and she has become my significant other. Rosy Muto I can’t thank you enough for putting up with my stubborn (at times) personality and always living your life in truth. So happy to be back writing with a purpose! 

Words hold as much power as we give them.

 Words have power, but only as much power as we give them. There’s thousands of languages in the world spoken in countless countries and it’s amazing how powerful the human species have given words. Words can hurt and words can heal. But it’s we as a global race that gives emotion and life to the words we speak and the way we emphasize the words in certain ways. We can we sarcastic and hurt peoples feelings or we can look into another persons eyes with meaningful intentions of inspiration and love and supplant beautiful feelings of hope and goodness. So it’s my suggestion that we be very careful on how we use our words. We hear time and again how some peoples mouths really get them into a lot of trouble. How many times have we caught ourselves saying ” god I can’t believe I just said that!” Especially while intoxicated, I’ve been very guilty of that many times, making promises I can’t keep and feeling like a total jackass the next day, humorous now, but damaging at times in the past. The good thing is, is that we have the power to control what comes out of our mouths. It’s very important in business to think before you speak. To be a great listener is equally as important as being a good speaker. Because we’ve placed value and emotional underlining on words they effect us in our everyday relations. In the modern age where teeing is so prevalent, so many tex’s can be misinterpreted and actually ruin someones day if they let it. For example if someone doesn’t reply right away or gives a short answer, we may look into in all wrong and think “this person is mad at me? Did I do something wrong? And it can really mess with a persons intellect and perception. That’s why I say an old fashion phone call is the cure to handling most issues, or a face to face if possible. It’s important to know that our conscious reasoning mind is in control of the ship on what life we give the words that are spoken to us. I caught myself a few times in the past week reading too much into a few tex’s and it totally threw me off my high vibration. I made a story up in my own mind on why this person didn’t get right back to me and one negative thought attached itself to the next and in no time I was out of alignment. We can’t control others, it’s unhealthy to try. We can control ourselves and the thoughts we inject into our objective and subjective mind. So wouldn’t it just make sense to feed our minds with health, beauty, peace and harmony? Sounds good to me, and easier done then thinking on a negative nature. My suggestion is to give power to the positive words that benefit your life. The words that make you smile, laugh and bring you tremendous joy.