One step at a time fuels momentum #10

 The mind responds best to stimuli, and so does the body. Good food, good thoughts and exercise on a regular basis is a sure fire way to stay in the zone and on the “beam” of staying centred and balanced. I have been a long sufferer of anxiety in my life. A lot due to my past history and choices I made. But I find so much joy and release of anxiousness when I will myself to reach the physical and spiritual goals I desire. When I feel good, great opportunities always find themselves into my life. The reason why? Because there is nothing stronger than your own desire and belief systems to know that you are worthy and receptive to new ideas and countless blessings. When your mind, body and soul are clean, it’s amazing what our creator puts forth into our vibrational set point. You feel more relaxed and confident. The flow of life is easier and in most cases down stream. And when we have the resistant thoughts and obstacles, tools are presented to overcome the tests. Earth school is wonderful folks and being a part of the evolution is something I don’t want to miss a second of. Today is day #10 of my new physical goals and I feel better already. My hockey team I’m playing for in a Vegas tournament has a great group of guys. We reached the final game today and we’ll be giving it our very best. This time on the ice the past few days has set into motion new thought paradigms for myself wanting to keep growing in every facet of my life. To be a better leader and inspire more people to lead a healthier life. Just know that the sky is the limit.
I am grateful for my Health.
I love my life.
I will be of useful service to others.
Namaste. RJP.