Being part of a team is such a rewarding experience. weather it be in business or sports, the key to success is in the harmonious relations between the people in the cog. To insure success each individual must have his mind focussed on success. In no other way will the team be a success unless everyone is pulling their weight and adding their own talents into the alliance. There can’t be any weak links in the chain or else the momentum will shift to the other side. Working together and believing in one another is a must to achieve great personal goals and team goals. That’s also where the fun lies, because it’s as if when all the members in the alliance are on the same vibe that winning is inevitable. I’m in  a fun hockey tournament in Las Vegas as I write these lines and we won our first game yesterday. Our key to victory was hard work and pulling for one another while having fun. I’m off to the rink for game #2 in a few minutes.