Grateful in bad times counts for a lot!

 It’s seldom I miss a day writing down what I’m grateful for. Many of you may have wondered where I’ve been in the past week. I have been working extremely hard with amazing people, but along the journey I ran my body down. I guess I can really push it at times! Life is a balance and I really need to listen to my own words at times and inner guidance system. It’s times like today that I’m mentally trying to fight off sickness. A few minutes ago I had no choice to practice what I preach and write down everything I’m truly grateful for. #1. Optimal health ! I have been on the couch mainly for the past 24 hours visualizing my physical apparatus in perfect health with a smile on my face. Subconsciously I know I can fight off whatever is trying to come into my vibration. It will not win!!! I then proceeded to give thanks to everyone that is on my path right now, that cares enough to give their time and effort to make not only my life better but all of the people around them (you all know who you are) I appreciate you all so much and it’s you that make up my world and give me more of that inner belief that when you focus your thoughts on a creative nature of goodness, like beings just have a habit of showing up in your life experience. As I wrote down my list with EMOTION, I could literally feel myself coming back to life. May sound far fetched, but I did push my achy body up to write these lines and I do feel a lot better. I also intend on this coming week being one of the best of my life!
Love Ryan.