Amplified Emotions

 Who’s kidding who?…We live in a fast paced society that requires our awareness to be focused in the present or else we slide out of alignment. These days with all the social media attention and other distractions that can hinder our frequencies it’s important to stay firmly rooted. Times are a changing and we either go with the flow or get left behind. We have to remember this is an experience and to make it a good one, it’s important to harness our energy and be careful who we allow into our dominant vibrations. Your inner guidance will always let you know through our emotions. If it feels off, it probably is. Manifestations are unfolding at such a rapid rate these days that It can be tough. Our evolution as a species is counting on us as a collective team to keep this planet alive. It’s intense as it has ever been especially if you’re emotions are amplified. Good health is where it starts. Injecting healthy habits in all aspects of life will be so productive in the unfolding of each persons experience. We all have a part to play in the grand scheme of things in the great arena of life. We live in a vast ocean of motion, nothing happens until something moves. So be cautious of you’re thoughts and habit life, as it will lead you into a life of harmony or the valley of misery.

Take good care friends.


 This is a touchy subject, but I feel compelled to touch on the subject as it’s been the hot topic as of late between myself and many friends. I’m not going to get into the various forms of mental illness that has spread like wild fire in an age where EVERYTHING outside of our physical body can be overwhelming. In the last 10 years the human race has made so much evolutionary advances with technology, that it’s hard to get a grasp on the humanism of our species. The term spiritual is being over used like the word I love you with no meaning. We are all part of the great whole that encompasses the universe. There is one mind that we are all attached too. All the synergy and co incidents are a mirror reflection of our dominating thoughts. Just because someone is sensitive to the energetic frequencies and in turn becomes fearful doesn’t mean he or she is nuts! I find people who are in tune are the ones that are in many cases misdiagnosed. Anxiety is all part of life these days. So instead of panicking we can turn anxiousness into excitement and panic into AWARENESS.

 I was diagnosed with bi polar last year around this time, and I was in a way happy because since I was a child I always felt different. I experienced major trauma in my youth and even until recently, but instead of taking the meds that were prescribed by the doc, I choose to tackle my so called issues with exercise and positive people. I found my drug of choice is positive people that make me feel worthy. I’m not in any way trying to minimize medication, but I do believe we are all mentally ill to some degree. How can we feel natural in environments that aren’t at times conducive to our well being? Being in the flow of life is where the treasures we seek are found. The fearlessness, the abundance and of course the universal domain which resides in all of us. True happiness and joy will only come with acceptance that we are constantly growing in a perfect fashion if we allow the energy to flow. Good habits are key! Health is wealth Virgil quoted many years ago. Fuel the temple of the soul with healthy thoughts and nutrients. Watch what happens when we face our fears head on…because on the other side of fear is LOVE!


Dig Deep

┬áIf your like the majority of people in the world beyond the age of twenty, we can look back at our youth and see the seeds of motion implemented into our being by running through the forests, riding bikes, dancing or playing a sport of some sort. Then at some point for many people we get of the path of training our bodies. Our bodies are a manifestation of mind! What we feed the entity known as mind drives the physical body into ACTION! There is no greater importance than keeping the body in tune so that we can live a better quality of life and endure the stress of everyday life. I encourage everyone to incorporate a routine that fits you the individual. The rhythm of life flows so much easier when we draw in energy from fitness or a challenging activity. My suggestion is to make it a HABIT, and before you know it the individual will reap the rewards of a better feeling physical apparatus…..And remember(A healthy diet)

Yours in Health

healthy action equals high energy

 habits are created from our thoughts obviously and what better habit is there to have then sound health. If we aren’t conscious of our physical and mental well being on a daily basis our creative faculties break down! If you don’t already have a fitness plan in place it’s easy to adjust your mindset to take at least thirty minutes a day for a good sweat. It’s all up to the individual on what activity they chose, but one thing for sure is we will thank ourselves in the long run by developing a healthy mind set. The human body and mind are meant to be in action, and when we draw in energy through physical exercise it makes for a healthier YOU! We always feel better when we can be the best we can be in mind, body and soul..but it takes affirmative action on our part to commit to keeping our engines tuned.

Be well friends.

choose health.

 If you are like many people in the world who always puts off, in my mind the most important thing HEALTH, it would be my kindest suggestion to get into the routine of a health program. Sometimes I wake up tired, even after a good sleep and my objective mind tells me I need more rest and to stay in bed. Well lately I’ve been going against the objectifying mind and pushing my body more than ever to see the effects of resilience and power we all hold when we can appropriate a HEALTH CONSCIOUSNESS! It’s common place to get off track due to busy schedules due to work and family. But our physical and mental faculties need movement and flow! As the blood circulates through the body at a rapid rate which cause the heart to beat faster and work as intended, our serotonin levels get a boost and the machine which is you is fuelled with energy dissipated into the nervous system and cardiovascular system. I’ve been a high energy entity for as long as I can remember and mentally I tend to get ahead of my own thoughts. That’s what causes my anxiousness. When I train my body and fuel it with a healthy diet, incorporate mediation, I find the balance and rhythmic patterns start to formulate in a very short time. Our life on planet earth takes work to enjoy it’s true nature and fulfillment. If your a bit overweight or desiring a better mental and physical state try these tips and it’s a sure fire way to optimal health and well being.
Get at least 30min to an hour of exercise a day.
Eat organically, and stay away from canned processed food. (one cheat day is allowed of course, maybe two, listen to your body, because once you start the health pattern your body will reject poor foods.
Balance work, rest and play…and try and meditate for at least 10min daily. Be still and silent your mind by focussing on your breath and visualizing your goals. 
Draw the emotions of love and compassion into your vibration as dominant thoughts and watch and feel the beauty unfold. 
Love life and positive growth friends.
Namaste. RJP.

keep on kicking….

 After spending a much needed day of rest on the couch refusing to believe I’m sick, I’m up and at er smiling away grateful as always that what could have been a heavy flu tamed down and I’m back on the energetic path. I’m reading a great book right now called (The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind) by Joseph Murphy. I used some of the techniques in the book to overcome my physical ailment. I relaxed and closed my eyes (meditated) on health and visually saw myself in optimal health. I’m not a believer in magic, but I do believe in the power that the mind has in overcoming many obstacles in life. Whoever you make your god out to be, he or she desires our natural state one of well being. We have natural healing powers inside our body and that’s what I intended to go to work. Think about it…We get a cut or scrape and nature naturally heals our wounds if we have a good immune system and think positive. I’m off to the races and work calls! Have an amazing day blessed with health, happiness and LOVE…

Grateful in bad times counts for a lot!

 It’s seldom I miss a day writing down what I’m grateful for. Many of you may have wondered where I’ve been in the past week. I have been working extremely hard with amazing people, but along the journey I ran my body down. I guess I can really push it at times! Life is a balance and I really need to listen to my own words at times and inner guidance system. It’s times like today that I’m mentally trying to fight off sickness. A few minutes ago I had no choice to practice what I preach and write down everything I’m truly grateful for. #1. Optimal health ! I have been on the couch mainly for the past 24 hours visualizing my physical apparatus in perfect health with a smile on my face. Subconsciously I know I can fight off whatever is trying to come into my vibration. It will not win!!! I then proceeded to give thanks to everyone that is on my path right now, that cares enough to give their time and effort to make not only my life better but all of the people around them (you all know who you are) I appreciate you all so much and it’s you that make up my world and give me more of that inner belief that when you focus your thoughts on a creative nature of goodness, like beings just have a habit of showing up in your life experience. As I wrote down my list with EMOTION, I could literally feel myself coming back to life. May sound far fetched, but I did push my achy body up to write these lines and I do feel a lot better. I also intend on this coming week being one of the best of my life!
Love Ryan.

One step at a time fuels momentum #10

 The mind responds best to stimuli, and so does the body. Good food, good thoughts and exercise on a regular basis is a sure fire way to stay in the zone and on the “beam” of staying centred and balanced. I have been a long sufferer of anxiety in my life. A lot due to my past history and choices I made. But I find so much joy and release of anxiousness when I will myself to reach the physical and spiritual goals I desire. When I feel good, great opportunities always find themselves into my life. The reason why? Because there is nothing stronger than your own desire and belief systems to know that you are worthy and receptive to new ideas and countless blessings. When your mind, body and soul are clean, it’s amazing what our creator puts forth into our vibrational set point. You feel more relaxed and confident. The flow of life is easier and in most cases down stream. And when we have the resistant thoughts and obstacles, tools are presented to overcome the tests. Earth school is wonderful folks and being a part of the evolution is something I don’t want to miss a second of. Today is day #10 of my new physical goals and I feel better already. My hockey team I’m playing for in a Vegas tournament has a great group of guys. We reached the final game today and we’ll be giving it our very best. This time on the ice the past few days has set into motion new thought paradigms for myself wanting to keep growing in every facet of my life. To be a better leader and inspire more people to lead a healthier life. Just know that the sky is the limit.
I am grateful for my Health.
I love my life.
I will be of useful service to others.
Namaste. RJP.


 Being part of a team is such a rewarding experience. weather it be in business or sports, the key to success is in the harmonious relations between the people in the cog. To insure success each individual must have his mind focussed on success. In no other way will the team be a success unless everyone is pulling their weight and adding their own talents into the alliance. There can’t be any weak links in the chain or else the momentum will shift to the other side. Working together and believing in one another is a must to achieve great personal goals and team goals. That’s also where the fun lies, because it’s as if when all the members in the alliance are on the same vibe that winning is inevitable. I’m in  a fun hockey tournament in Las Vegas as I write these lines and we won our first game yesterday. Our key to victory was hard work and pulling for one another while having fun. I’m off to the rink for game #2 in a few minutes.