We Radiate That Which We Are.

 It’s very obvious to the evolution of human consciousness that at the forefront of all modern day society is that science and spirituality is becoming intertwined. We don’t need to dress like a monk and chant songs of prayer to be “spiritual.” As we connect to the oneness of our eternal nature, and aware that we posses powers beyond the scope of our imagination it’s apparent that we bring about what we think and feel. What we receive moment to moment is never an accident. Awareness to environment and circumstances will always give our inner guidance the signals if we are on track. Sometimes I get anxious in the moment wondering what the future holds. And it’s until I let go absolute that life begins to flow again, then joy and comfort begins to dominate my entire being. It’s up to us ultimately to chose the people we associate with and expand with positive intention or negative mental constructs. It’s all in inside job that creates our outward circumstances, so if things aren’t flowing our way, it’s up to us to make changes. The better we feel the more in control we are. But we must be very careful when we feel so good, because there are people that love to pray on your good energy. Humility and compassion mixed with love are the key ingredients to a fulfilling long lasting friendship. Choosing friends that serve you equally is a fast track to success in any calling. Always be true to yourself.



It’s too bad that we are all sisters and brothers sharing this beautiful home we call Earth and we pass by each other every day as if the next person is the alien, as if they don’t belong. Today, take a moment to look around you and watch everyone walk by each other as if the other does not exist. When did we as a human race get here? We share the same air, we drink the same water, we eat the same foods given to us all by mother Earth herself, yet we act as if we are more special than the next person. Make it a point to say hello the the next time you walk by a stranger. Give them a smile. Ask them how their day is going. Compliment them. Let them know how great their hair looks. Buy someone lunch. Help an elderly person with their groceries. Give someone a ride home. If you can’t do anything else but offer a smile – you’ve done enough. Smiles are very contagious. Give one and before you know it, you’ve caused the whole world to smile back. If we all made a conscious effort to incorporate this in our every day life, we may find out that the many fights and wars that we caused on ourselves were totally stupid and unnecessary. We may find out that we all actually like each other. We may find out that we actually LOVE each other. You will realize that even though you kept yourself separate from one another, you were never really separate; you were living an illusion. You will realize that YOU are just a reflection of THEM, and THEY a reflection of YOU… We will realize that we are all ONE. So, let’s act like it starting today! You will find your life being so much more a joy to live because everything you give will come back to you multiple-fold.

Easter with Joe and his Fam.

 Being in La has been a great learning environment for me to see life from many different vantage points. Always the observer I have found this city to have so much contrast because of the size and scope of this massive city. Being a country boy at heart growing up in the mountains I find I have to be constantly grounding myself in meditation, the gym or nature hikes. So many positive aspects have entered my life experience since being here. I met Joe Nunziata a great man who is in the business of personal development and life coaching for business. He is one of those people I’ve met a long my journey that really cares for others well being and happiness. Today I was blessed to be invited to his family home in Irvine California where his wife prepared a wonderful meal. My energy has been a tad all over the place in due part to the busyness of this city with traffic and the hustle bustle mentality that most people have in pursuit of dreams or just making a living. Joe is authentic as they come and I see that him and his wife have brought up a very mature son that is well beyond his years. Joe walks the walk and really helped me see life in a different way tonight. He gave me a double audio set cd called (CHANGE YOUR ENERGY CHANGE YOUR LIFE) that I listened to on the hour drive back to Hollywood. I connected to his profound messages on the cd’s with ease and felt so good on an energetic level once I was done with them. I highly recommend looking into his work. Joe is a great writer as well, who has written a number of books. Most recently (Karma Buster) which is a sure fire bet to raise your vibration and take your life to the next level. Infinite gratitude to our friendship Joe and thank you for sharing your wisdom with the world. 
Namaste , RJP

Great friends are in it for the long haul.

¬†What would we do without “true” friends in our lives? I know my friends and family make up my world. What is a true friend? A true friend is a person who is in your life, that loves you unconditionally with no judgement. We all go through experiences and tests in life and it’s the people that stay by your side (no matter what) that are to be cherished and held in the highest ranks of friendship. Being a true friend back is also a very important factor in the growth of any relationship. It’s also very important not to dump too many of your issues onto friends for the benefit of their own well being. There’s such a thing as energy “givers” and “takers.” You know the people that drain you sometimes because their paradigms are stuck in negative thought patters. Our duty as friends is to help elevate, and inspire to bring out the best in others. Our own actions is what immediately draws people to us in the first place and they don’t always have to come through the words we speak, instead by the deeds we perform. I’ve been guilty in my past of flash judgements and putting down others, but ask yourself what good that does for you and the other person? How does it make your body and mind feel? Not very good in most cases and it really serves no purpose either as everything is reciprocated back through the law of compensation. My idealisms have changed a lot in my thirties on what the true meaning of this word we call friendship is. I just do my best to be present and give good advice. When we sow good deeds to others in the form of being a great friend the reward is one that can’t be matched by anything. It’s a great to have like beings laughing joyously and also to share tears as well. That’s what makes true friendship real and so worth while. I’m sure you have one friend that sticks out in mind that is your rock. Do both of yourselves a favour today and tell he or she how much you care about them and make today one of joy, bliss and love.


 I believe there are no co incidents in life! Nothing ever happens by mere chance or luck. First we set intentions weather we are conscious about them or not through the thoughts we think and the feelings we send out through the vibrations our body radiates! ( we radiate that which we are) That’s why we’ll often meet someone new and feel as if we’ve known that person our whole lives, like we can tell them anything, when we are open and on path, the supreme intelligence places the circumstances and people in divine order at just the right time to guide us and let us know that there is a much more deeper meaning to life. 
 I was in San Diego recently and met some amazing people at an event put on by my friend Kevin Hall. I spent three days in a row with some of the most authentic like minded people I’ve ever met, thank you Kevin for giving your gift to all of us that were involved, because I can speak for all of us”our lives will never be the same.” When your on path and purpose, we develop a humble confidence. We reach out to others to give our love and gift’s to the world in such a sincere manner because we know it’s for the greater good of humanity. How do we find our purpose you may ask? That can be a tricky one at times because we have taken on so many paradigms over the years that have supplanted themselves deeply into our subconscious mind. We’ve developed habits that hinder our growth through those beliefs as well. So let me give you a tip. Do what you are GREAT at and build on those gifts. Set high goals and don’t be afraid to get out of your comfort zone. 
 You just have to decide what you want, love what your doing and believe with so much force and energy that which you desire is the right thing for you. Then develop habits that make your dominating desires take control of your destiny. In no time you will be living the life that is so rightfully yours. One of abundance and love. And relationships globally with people who have the same intentions will flow into your life experience . Their intentions may be a bit different, but I’m sure you’ll know when the time is right to bring the right folks into your “mastermind alliance.” We are all here to grow and share our gifts with the world. Everyday our eyes open when we awake, we have another chance to create what seems to be miracles that have the power to inspire others.
 I sincerely desire the best for everyone that has adapted humility and love as their dominant vibrational set point. When we come to that point when we don’t feel the need to judge ourselves and others we’ve actually bridged the gap that will allow us the opportunity to have a life of fulfilment. Thank you friends, I love all of you…

We all choose our path

 I got off the phone with a very close friend yesterday and I want to dedicate this blog to him. His name is J.P Lalonde. J.P has been a very close friend of mind for some time now and we have one of those relationships that blossomed into a brotherhood from the day we met. He is one of those guys that always goes out of his way to make others feel good. Whenever I’m down a little I always feel comfort in giving him a  jingle to pick up my spirits, and I always feel privileged that he feels the same to call me. We got on the topic yesterday about LIFE, as usual. Our relationship has always been built on truth and honesty and we discussed how all of us are on a PATH! We all choose our path and sometimes we fall off for a minute, a day or even a few years in some cases. I want everyone to know that the same path is always available to you in most cases. 

Everyone has their assets.

 I’m in the middle of finishing up a five month project that required tremendous focus for myself and a very good friend who worked on the project with me. When we first set out on the “idea” to make a documentary film we had all these flashes of inspiration running wild in our minds. My friend and I started writing down our intentions for the film and where our destinations were going to be. My goodness did things take a different route as to where we thought it was “all going”. The most important thing that we decided right off the bat, was that no matter what, we were going to create a special journey for others to watch. Throughout the journey of the trip we set out on I learned so much about my friend and the talents he has on creating art. We shared many emotions together and god knows at some points we almost lost the plot. But cooler heads prevailed and not once in the time we spent together did we shout and get angry at each other. As different as we are from each other, we actually have a lot of the same qualities. A mutual respect is needed for any relationship to work. If work isn’t harmonious, the end result can never be good. The universe places people in our lives at just the right moment, nothing I believe is accidental. I learned that one of the greatest assets one can have is an open mind and heart on all subjects. Understanding of the emotions is also a key component in harmonious relations. Because we tend to take on traits of the people we associate with, it only makes sense to have compassion towards the people we hold dear to our hearts. We were all placed on the earth plane for a reason. And some of our greatest accomplishments come right on the brink of failure. Toughing things out until the end and eliminating fear can be hard at times! But the reward in the end is powerfully fulfilling. Great friends aren’t always easy to find, so when you attract good people into your life embrace them and appreciate all that the stand for.

Much Love and Friendship

Ryan Phillips.

Keep your Loved ones close

  I don’t know about you guys and gals out there, but if I’m right family and friends mean the most to us in our lives. They are the ones who are always there for us when the chips are up or down. They are the ones that love and care for us the most. No matter what the situations are in are daily lives , good or bad it’s the people we love and love us back that we can turn to at all times. There’s nothing better than the feeling of talking to someone who truly cares about your well being and state of mind. That’s why it’s so important to cherish the people we have in our lives, and always be open to new relationships that help us grow in all aspects of our lives. That’s what’s so exciting about life. Through the ever expanding universe there is this magic that puts people in our experience in accordance to our thoughts. And the more we are open to receiving all that is good, by doing good to others the more people and circumstances that harmonize with our intentions will fall into line. What a life this is, that we all stand on the leading edge of thought with the power to mold the energy that creates worlds. Only through focussed thought will you be able to build your life into a beautiful piece of art. That’s what you are anyways. The physical body and mind are manifestations of a power. A great power that if used to even a quarter of it’s capabilities will inspire us with awe. So even on our down days, just think of the gift of being here in this present moment. Love yourself and shine light on the world as it’s a true blessing to be here with all the tools to make a difference. Just relax and let the energy flow. Oh by the way, I’m learning that skill as well, relaxing isn’t always easy, but it’s essential to feel good and maintain the health of our physical and mental body.

Much Love and Peace.
Ryan Phillips.

New Friendships

One of the greatest gifts that we have on earth is the contrast of life and meeting new people. I just take so much joy out of meeting new people that are like minded and on the same level as I am these days. The saying “like attracts like” is so very true. You all know the feeling I’m talking about, the feeling that when you meet that person for the first time, you connect on a deep level and it’s as if you’ve known that person for ever. That’s the gift, the gift that there’s so many special people out there to meet. And that’s what gives us that joyous excitement of freshness to new days with endless possibilities. What a rush it is when you have so much in common and then the opportunity to create new ideas for personal and world growth in a positive direction. It’s so satisfying and fulfilling when you can draw happiness from others that make you smile and bring you into a state of knowing your not the only one who’s dealing with certain issues pertaining to relationships business or whatever it may be. I just love people, and taking the time to get to know others is such a blessing. That’s what life is all about. Because through learning about others you find out hidden mysteries about yourself in them a lot of the times.

Take the time for everyone, we all have something to offer.

Much Love Always Ryan.