Dig deep!

 As the days go by in my life and I become more aware to the environment that surrounds us I realize that every action, thought and deed doesn’t go unseen by an all seeing eye that governs all things. The laws of nature are immutable and when I walk through the forests I feel such a connection to an infinite source of energy that instills faith that we are all part of the whole cosmic plan of an intelligence that permeates our entire being! If we feel out of sync or alignment there’s always a reason. Maybe we aren’t on the path of accurate thinking, or perhaps we are not in sync with the people in our life that will help take our personal growth to a higher plane of existence? Whatever the case, our system is so perfectly in tune with our creator if we allow the energy to flow like a gentle stream. I’m so hard on myself at times, because I want everything to be perfect “right now” that I disallow that loving energy to penetrate my being. We are all in this mental game together in this generation which carries so many demands on the surface. If we aren’t careful we can get sick and run down from over exertion of force. Slowly but surely if we obey the intuitive faculties that have been given to us for free, we will explode with talents that we never thought existed. I don’t have to tell you that thoughts become things, because all we have to do is know that an intangible thought of energy created everything perceptible to the human experience. We do have to dig deep to succeed to certain levels of what we call success though! Nothing worth while ever came easy, and life isn’t always going to play fair. What we can do consistently to get better results is INTEND what we truly desire. Focus, focus, focus on the can do part of what you love and want to give back to the world and see a whole new universe revealed to you in a short time.

Peace and Love