Helping Others.

 I love listening to people that have implemented proven principals into their lives for the benefit of helping others. I know in my personal experience that it’s through helping others I find joy, happiness and more purpose in my life. The service we render always comes back, usually in ways that inspire us with awe..BUT what it gives many of us, is the understanding that whatever we give with our hearts will make a difference in the world. Intending goodness for others throughout the day gives more meaning to our lives, and the experience has so much value. The people that come into our lives will most definitely be on a similar frequency. I’m no saint, but I offer my service in many forms every chance I get. When the times are tough, and I mean this with humble sincerity..That this is the time to express gratitude for everything we do have in life! Of course we’re going to have speed bumps and adversities in life. Instead of making a fuse and blaming others. I find forgiveness is the key to freedom in the game of life. You’ve come this far, so just think to yourself how much further you can go. Know that you hold tremendous value and untapped wisdom inside your mind. We have to do our best to accept ourselves for who we are and know that we are all in some way interconnected.

Much Love

Dig deep!

 As the days go by in my life and I become more aware to the environment that surrounds us I realize that every action, thought and deed doesn’t go unseen by an all seeing eye that governs all things. The laws of nature are immutable and when I walk through the forests I feel such a connection to an infinite source of energy that instills faith that we are all part of the whole cosmic plan of an intelligence that permeates our entire being! If we feel out of sync or alignment there’s always a reason. Maybe we aren’t on the path of accurate thinking, or perhaps we are not in sync with the people in our life that will help take our personal growth to a higher plane of existence? Whatever the case, our system is so perfectly in tune with our creator if we allow the energy to flow like a gentle stream. I’m so hard on myself at times, because I want everything to be perfect “right now” that I disallow that loving energy to penetrate my being. We are all in this mental game together in this generation which carries so many demands on the surface. If we aren’t careful we can get sick and run down from over exertion of force. Slowly but surely if we obey the intuitive faculties that have been given to us for free, we will explode with talents that we never thought existed. I don’t have to tell you that thoughts become things, because all we have to do is know that an intangible thought of energy created everything perceptible to the human experience. We do have to dig deep to succeed to certain levels of what we call success though! Nothing worth while ever came easy, and life isn’t always going to play fair. What we can do consistently to get better results is INTEND what we truly desire. Focus, focus, focus on the can do part of what you love and want to give back to the world and see a whole new universe revealed to you in a short time.

Peace and Love

Rise and Grind

 We are meant to thrive in life! All our talents known and ones yet undiscovered are gifts. The sad thing about humanity is when we have all the opportunity in the world to use our unique talents and don’t! So many of us sell ourselves short and wonder why we can be hard on ourselves at times. I’m at fault for this for sure. After a professional hockey career that was cut short due to numerous injuries I had to re invent myself. I did it in a different way then most but I did have a set goal and nothing was going to get me off track. I made my priority money and let me tell you I was the happiest guy in the world at times knowing I could have what I wanted whenever I wanted. But then things got complicated when I realized that I was attracting people that wanted  and expected me to make them an overnight success. I now have come to the realization after studying what separates the good from the great. Success is a constant journey of self perseverance and will power. And the ingredients are definiteness of purpose backed by a plan. The plan will come easily to you once you know what it is you want, and that’s where the joy will come. We’ve all heard people that have accumulated vast amounts of wealth later to say that it was the ladder the goal that was the fun part, now it’s all about sustainability.

Today’s affirmation: Today I want success for not only myself but for everyone else that is doing what makes their heart sing!

Have a great day!


  Yesterday morning was going just great. I got out of the way some of my most favorite things to do. I set my intentions, was feeling good other than a little…. perhaps a lot of jet lag, it’s just after 4am here so obviously I’m still in the jet lag vortex. My friend and I went for a breakfast shortly after 9 in a really cool village called DB. I was bouncing around, full of life, great conversation was taking place. I took a few pictures of the lovely little bay. It was great from the time I left Canada I was documenting my trip with photos and videos, what could go wrong. I then left the table to go to the little boys room to relieve myself for a quick second. Not thinking twice , as usual these days my phone was attached to my hand. In the midst of a RYAN moment I stopped paying attention, and It had to be when I was washing my hands. Like a flash of light I hurried back to the table where my dear friend just finished covering the bill, bless her soul. We proceeded through the restaurant and into a nice courtyard of sorts where we were met by a  woman who had a lot of loving energy. It was refreshing, and rewarding to hear that this woman was going on the bike ride I’m about to embark on in a few days. I got a great hug, and decided a picture was a must. One thing, my phone was gone! ..Panic set in, I sprinted to the table to no avail and rushed then to the bathroom. No phone!!!! In seconds  I had a team of people I didn’t know calling the phone, checking numerous lost and founds with no luck on my side this day. I said to myself “this isn’t happening only less than a day into the adventure!” But it was and after the initial panic subsided, and I let go of the attachment of the phone I knew that no matter what it was all happening for a reason. I said in my mind that if it didn’t show up a few lessons were going to be learned a long the way. Over 4 hours went by, I even went so much as offering a very hefty reward to whoever came across the phone a big reward, as much ad the phone cost, because the pictures (that I hadn’t all uploaded) meant the most to me. By early evening the truth set in that the phone was history in my possession. I began to come around and make a joke of how attached we’ve become to these devices that in many cases are our lifeline  with data and emails, saved msgs, and in my case goals that I write down to better my life. Good thing I brought an extra phone on the trip, an” ancient” Blackberry from a few years back. Technology is amazing, I was able to make a call back to my phone company and within 20 min I was up and running with the same number, just on the old device. But it was the pictures, and the email set up that I missed the most. Yes I thought, I’ve become just like so many others very dependent on our phones. I looked around and saw that the majority of the people around we all texing , taking photos or talking on a phone. Yes I was mobile again and very grateful. But I was still having a tough time accepting the attachment I had to the advice. 
 After dinner a new friend and I walked back to where I was staying and I told her there was a lesson behind this that ran deeper than the phone. I realized that it was my ego! Recently finishing a manuscript I just submitted to my editor a few weeks back I wanting to add some pictures I only had in the phone. I wanted to show proof of a few situations that manifested in divine order. Then I thought of the ego that sat behind the intention. Maybe the book was meant to be one with no pictures at all? whatever the case there was some pictures in that phone that indeed ruled my ego in a non egotistical way if that makes sense. So I made the call to dad, as usual he was there for the rescue, and I’ll be getting the iPhone 5 within the next few days shipped to Vietnam. The lesson I took was that no matter what happened it wasn’t that big of deal. People are suffering all over the world from disease and other afflictions. People are poverty stricken, homeless and have no possessions and here I was understanding more than ever that we can’t get to attached to “things” I then said to a few people around me that “I hope whoever has the phone needed it more than me.” I made peace with the small issue that was so big when it just happened. The great part was to see that I met some great people that would be riding a bike across Vietnam and Cambodia during the searching time, and later again at dinner. What a group of nice people. As my spirits awakened and the jokes began to flow I saw how compassion came towards me with such intensity and that tomorrow would be a new day. And in the future I might just have wear the next phone around my neck lol. I’ve lost two phones in my life and both have been in Asia and on both occasions the trips turned out great, so just a sign of the times ahead, and the blessing to see the character of some of the riders I will be sharing my life with over the course of the next two weeks.
God Bless R.J.P


 It is so important to set intentions in our lives. The second we come to a definite decision about what we want that day or in any moment, reduce it to writing and place Action behind it with dominating thoughts of what we want to achieve I guarantee you our will power will step in and take over. Persistent effort towards any goal will be taken over by the power of your desire because the mind becomes magnetized with that which we focus on. For example I’m in Hong Kong right now. I have a programed alarm clock for 6am Pacific time every morning. The next habit I have formulated into my daily ritual is a healthy breakfast. Where I am staying I couldn’t find any food accept some yogurt, God bless you Alison. I wrote down my intentions for the day, and I will share 5 of them with you so you get my drift about how habits become our life.  1. Give my best to others in the form of Love and positive energy. 2. 500 push ups. (I’ve done 400 so far lol) 3. Read the chapter on Persistence in Think and Grow Rich for 30 days straight 4. Write literature in my new manuscript. 5. Meditate for at least 20 minutes. Okay so other than 100 push ups I’ve done everything I just said, I also wrote a gratitude list for all the blessings I have in my life and continue to receive. I have other intentions written that I know I will accomplish during the course of the day. What intentions do really, when you get focused and serious about them (of course while having fun because they benefit your life and the lives of the people around you.) Is it gives your life more meaning and structure. And at the end of the day you feel fulfilled. Take these easy steps as part of your expansive life and I guarantee more contentment, peace of mind, and when you lay your head on the pillow at the end of the day you won’t have any regrets. You are powerful beyond words.

Love Ryan John Phillips.

Downs, and Ups

 I was having a conversation with a friend last night and he told me one of his girlfriends enjoys reading the blogs. I was very appreciative of that. The one thing that got me thinking was her question. “He doesn’t talk enough about the downs sometimes.” Okay well here’s my answer to that question. Life can be strange sometimes. We can plan, intend, dream, desire, you name it. But if you really think about it, the universe has a way of always making “it” the day or night, event, situation (positive or negative) different than what we THOUGHT! The reason I do my best to stay in a positive mind set is because I’ve already been to dark places in my life, and I don’t want to go back. It doesn’t mean I don’t feel pain and hurt just like the rest of us. God, people that know me and understand me, know full well that I’m a very sensitive emotional person. Sometimes that works against me, sometimes for…But the fact I can feel those emotions brigs out the humanness in me. I can relate to so many problems on loads of issues because I’ve been there. So it’s our choice guys, when the going is tough. People get sick, people might not like me or you. But it comes down to standing in TRUTH! “My life (truth) today will be one that I live with intention to make my life better, others happier, and one thing for sure is I will come one step closer to my goal. I could always have a post called Return to negativity , but that might offend a few. This is a journey, and it’s my sincere desire that todays is fulfilled and happiness radiates throughout.

Work work and no bad!

 In any undertaking we take in life that requires intense focus and bulldog determination, it can at times put our life on hold. My good friend Khalil and I are in the final stages of cutting Return to Happiness the Movie. Well I know one thing, what you put in, is what your going to get out. I’ve learned a lot about myself throughout the creation of this film. I’ve met countless friends a long the way that I have no doubt will be in my life for ever. Still No EXCUSE as my dear friend IZZY would say to me..So sorry folks, I’ve been a busy man. All I can say is that prioritizing our life is essential to success. And good habits are formed just the same as bad ones. I go a few days without blogging and I get into a bad habit…No excuse even though I’m writing a voice over! haha…Well I’m back for now and expect me to pop up more regularly now that the film is almost complete.

LOVE LIFE – Ryan Phillips

Ryan Phillips

I’m Ryan Phillips from Return to Happiness. I was blessed to grow up in the mountains of North Vancouver, Canada. After leaving home in pursuit of a hockey career at age 16, I was exposed to a lot of amazing experiences and incredible adversities.

There was no other career path for me other than hockey, but after sustaining numerous injuries, and being traded all over the country many times, I lost my focus and drive. I lost who I was as a person, and found myself hanging out with the wrong crowd. That was my choice and I became a victim of my environment. Everything in life I believe comes down to the power of making the right choices for you. The partying took to an extreme level. The choices I made, ultimately wound me up in a federal detention center in the year 2000. I was convicted in a conspiracy for marijuana distribution. It was 16 months without freedom, and 16 months of getting to know myself and analyze the bad choices I’d made. It took me a few more years to come to my senses. Although there were some extremely low points, I wouldn’t change it for a different set of circumstances, because those adversities have made me who I am today. 

Once I was out of prison, I did extensive traveling all over the world, and had my awakening when I saw extreme poverty in South East Asia. I’d found my higher self when I was able to connect with these gentle souls… it was truly the land of smiles. I realized how fortunate I’d been to be born in North America, and to have been brought up by such a great family. Suddenly my own issues didn’t seem as problematic. I decided then and there to make it my mission to give back to humanity as much as I could, live an honest life with integrity, and begin this project where this positive awakening I found could be taught. I’ve been returned to happiness, contentment and piece of mind through giving positive energy and love to others. I eliminated negative thoughts as much as I could by training my mind to stay on a positive vibration. I still have my days like anyone else in the world, but having a real purpose to make a difference is what drives me. A lot of you may be happy and content, but for those of you who aren’t quite there I invite you to return to that state of well being which is so rightly deserved.

Through this project, Return to Happiness, our intent is to open the minds and hearts and inspire all who read and watch. We hope you find these teachings valuable, and that you can use our words of wisdom towards your own awakening. This content is for anyone who is looking to increase the inner health and happiness in their life. 

Making the biggest difference in the world is my dream. We look forward to you growing with us on this journey to making this world a more joyous and harmonious.