Earl Nightingale recorded the “Strangest Secret” in 1961. It’s basically a condensed version of Napoleon Hills great work from the 17 Laws of Success and Think and Grow Rich. He basically sets the medium wherein we can have all our goals met by ( I love how Joseph Murphy puts it) Act as though it will and let the unseen become seen. The greatest forces are truly intangible and what we think about we become. Success come to the individual that has so developed the subconscious faculties of his mind that he or she may draw upon the universal mind to accept these vibrational requests and and act upon them. Goals are a dream with a deadline! In putting into operation the working principals of manifestation, one must let go and let god. Self suggestion, the subconscious mind and the creative imagination are all that is needed to make the energy flow directly to the formation of plans and purpose.

Yours in peace.