Our Brilliant Minds

It has been said by certain experts in brain science that we only use up to 10 percent of our brains full potential. Another fact is that 25 percent of the energy our body uses on a daily basis is absorbed into the brain. That is why it is so important to fuel our body with the right nutrition to allow full brain function to achieve optimal function. Considering the brain only occupies 2 percent of our overall body mass these facts seem to stager some peoples awareness of how the brain can operate if we feed the computer of our minds sustainable fuel. This accounts to the conclusion that omega 3 oils are of utmost importance to the function of the brain. Proper air to breath and a healthy diet all play such important counterparts in the function of not only brain health but, well being in general.

Our brains, a living organ that takes on and files sense impressions our whole life makes us think! Every thought that enters our conscious minds is either accepted or rejected by the subjective mind. This accounts to why people’s emotions are effected so predominantly by “thinking.” I know when the channels are clear for not only the 5 senses to operate in full, the sixth sense will kick in as well when we pay attention to our intuitive faculties. Intuition is that part of the mind that sets our amygdala (The portion of the brain which is the seat of the emotions) to emit frequencies of fight or flight. The fight is resistant thoughts that could very well have been injected into our physiology through childhood trauma or any sort of defense that we’ve gathered in certain events either positive or negative.

Steps to growth and an expansive mind comes through use. The good news is, is knowing our habit nature is responsible and connected to our every move and deed makes us ponder how intelligent we truly are. If you can counteract negative thoughts with a tipping point of solid positive affirmations, it’s only a matter of time before the inner genius rises to the surface of physical reality. Calmness of mind is something that can be hard to contain. It’s through our imagination and a desire to take each moment as a blessing that more potential will be seen through action. Every individual is different but the same. I know one thing is certain, we all have the capacity to draw hidden resources for our benefit if tapped into through a process which you decide works for you! Examples are simple; Be creative, exercise, meditate, yoga…and at the head of the list..DO WHAT YOU LOVE!

In happiness