choose health.

 If you are like many people in the world who always puts off, in my mind the most important thing HEALTH, it would be my kindest suggestion to get into the routine of a health program. Sometimes I wake up tired, even after a good sleep and my objective mind tells me I need more rest and to stay in bed. Well lately I’ve been going against the objectifying mind and pushing my body more than ever to see the effects of resilience and power we all hold when we can appropriate a HEALTH CONSCIOUSNESS! It’s common place to get off track due to busy schedules due to work and family. But our physical and mental faculties need movement and flow! As the blood circulates through the body at a rapid rate which cause the heart to beat faster and work as intended, our serotonin levels get a boost and the machine which is you is fuelled with energy dissipated into the nervous system and cardiovascular system. I’ve been a high energy entity for as long as I can remember and mentally I tend to get ahead of my own thoughts. That’s what causes my anxiousness. When I train my body and fuel it with a healthy diet, incorporate mediation, I find the balance and rhythmic patterns start to formulate in a very short time. Our life on planet earth takes work to enjoy it’s true nature and fulfillment. If your a bit overweight or desiring a better mental and physical state try these tips and it’s a sure fire way to optimal health and well being.
Get at least 30min to an hour of exercise a day.
Eat organically, and stay away from canned processed food. (one cheat day is allowed of course, maybe two, listen to your body, because once you start the health pattern your body will reject poor foods.
Balance work, rest and play…and try and meditate for at least 10min daily. Be still and silent your mind by focussing on your breath and visualizing your goals. 
Draw the emotions of love and compassion into your vibration as dominant thoughts and watch and feel the beauty unfold. 
Love life and positive growth friends.
Namaste. RJP.