Today I awoke at 5am to a beautiful July day, I thought about going back to sleep for another hour or so….But something inside me excited me to get up and live this day to the fullest of my capacity to do so! After a killer workout at the gym and a light breakfast I decided to take advantage of the West Vancouver seawall. It was just after 7am when I started my journey and there was quite a few people on the seawall that obviously had the same intention.

I recognized some familiar faces and gave them a smile and hello. I stopped for a minute and had a short conversation with a man in his 50″s who was smiling ear to ear with positive energy, i think a lot of it had to do with the birth of a sunny day finally. Along the seawall i saw a few otters and some cranes, seagulls were flying in the breeze. I felt at one with nature and so blessed to be in the moment. I started to think about all the friendships I’ve made along the way in my life. Today my inner circle of friends is pretty small, you guys and girls know who you are and I love you unconditionally. Friendship is a word that i don’t take lightly. I cherish my friends like brothers and sisters. I think it’s so very important to be honest and kind to our friends and respect whatever they do in life. It’s important to be equally happy for the success of friends as it is for ones personal triumphs in life.

Loyalty and integrity goes a long way, and it’s so very important to keep things real with relationships free of gossip and envy. As we grow older in this world we’ll have many different people come in and out of our lives. Just remember that every being that crosses your path is for a reason. Enjoy the precious moments you get to spend with your friends. Always be there to lend an ear for support and look out for the greater good for the well being of others. Life is truly amazing when you see it for all it’s beauty. Thank you to all my friends along the way that have made me want to strive to do even better deeds, I cherish and love you all

Your friend Ryan Phillips