The Run to Save Innocent Children

Come join us on our run across Cambodia for the fight to help innocent children! We would greatly appreciate any contribution towards this positive project that has the ability to help children all over the world.

Over 800,000 children go missing every year and many of them are sold as sex slaves. Join two men’s run across Cambodia to raise awareness against child sex slavery. A documentary film will be produced to show the world the global epidemic which is affecting millions of innocent children in the world. Through this film bone-chilling information will be brought to the surface so more people can take action against the fastest growing criminal enterprise in the world today. Girls as young as three years of age being exploited into deeds that would stagger the human emotions. It’s with heartfelt intention that the masses will see the severity of a crime that is in dire need of being stamped out. Through the film, the two runners will be running with love in their hearts with a full production team behind them, getting down to the facts of how we can all be of more service helping one life at a time. Survivors will be interviewed, personal stories of tragedy will be shared as well. Many people in the world don’t know how to help this global epidemic because so much information is “swept under the rugs” by governments and corruption. Ryan and Dave left home at a very young age so in many ways it’s the connecting link to having this passion in helping kids that suffer. Laughter and love is shown throughout the film as you can imagine running across this beautiful country that has a very coloured past. Families in the rural areas of the country take them in for meals and outright curiosity. They discover real quick that love knows no boundaries or borders. Monks chanting in the temples are heard in the early morning, while the runners trudge forward hoping these kids find freedom and reclaim their innocence. Many men in the world think that having intercourse with a virgin cures the HIV virus. Many of the victims suffer and die from this disease. This pushes them even further in sending out their purpose, so medicine can be provided to these innocent souls. Although this is a film with sadness and love, it’s the desire for change that makes the impact. Ryan and Dave’s calling through this mission is for more men to step up and be accountable as in so many of the cases, it’s obvious that men are the perpetrators. This film has the capability to save lives all over the world through its positive message of seeing the light beyond the darkness. Many surprises along this powerful journey will have the viewer fully engaged in a world that many never knew existed.

There is a production team set up in Cambodia with all legal permits to shoot wherever in the country by our main producer and crew spearheaded by Jena Waldron, owner of 2theskyentertainment.