How many people set goals for the year?Lots!!! I have found that in my most successful years that I always carry a success journal wherever I go. This may seem weird to some, but I find that if we become orderly list oriented with our intentions… things just seem to fall into place. 2014 was a year of tremendous lessons that I am truly grateful for. I lost a lot but during the losses, little did I know what I was to gain. Seeds of a positive nature are now planted on a daily basis with more drive and passion than I ever knew I had. I have so much gratitude in my heart for the people that accept me for me. The mistakes I made last year are like pieces of coal burning in the fire as my heart knows full well the tasks at hand for more purpose in life. I wish everyone a successful and abundant 2015.


Success is our choice

 I love Earl Nightingale’s definition of success. “Success is the progressive realization of a worthy ideal.” In his famous recording the Strangest Secret he depicts how human beings simply become what we think about  the most all day long. Another attribute when striving towards a goal or a pre determined destiny is to do each and every act to the best of your ability throughout the day. Cultivating good habits is the key to making good things happen in our lives and really gets us into the groove of success consciousness. Being lazy won’t get us anywhere! But being confidently calm, moving at a good speed with definiteness of purpose is sure to bring about a winning attitude. Take time to praise others and appreciate the good around you. Also remember to have a plan, associate yourself with good people and let infinite intelligence handle the rest.

Yours in Success

Visualization in Action

 There is no more effective tool to creative thought than the power of visualization. When used correctly in the present moment with belief and desire it can manifest our thoughts into things at lightning speed. The trick is calmness and relaxation when in the process. I went through a few years where anxiety and worry dominated my mind and when I went to the exercise I found my mental faculties blocked and hindered for growth. At some points of this time in my life I thought I had lost my mental powers completely. Unfortunately I hurt some people that loved and cared about me along the way because of my frustration. Now that I’ve let go and let god, accepted myself for what I am ( A being of light vibrating at high a frequency when I allow myself) The whole world looks and feels different. More energy is drawn in by the law of vibration, and the law of increasing returns is a more content person because of this powerful energy stream. In closing, relax and focus on all the beauty that surrounds you.

See it, feel it, receive it…

Dig Deep

¬†If your like the majority of people in the world beyond the age of twenty, we can look back at our youth and see the seeds of motion implemented into our being by running through the forests, riding bikes, dancing or playing a sport of some sort. Then at some point for many people we get of the path of training our bodies. Our bodies are a manifestation of mind! What we feed the entity known as mind drives the physical body into ACTION! There is no greater importance than keeping the body in tune so that we can live a better quality of life and endure the stress of everyday life. I encourage everyone to incorporate a routine that fits you the individual. The rhythm of life flows so much easier when we draw in energy from fitness or a challenging activity. My suggestion is to make it a HABIT, and before you know it the individual will reap the rewards of a better feeling physical apparatus…..And remember(A healthy diet)

Yours in Health

Gentely focus as if it were

 Whether we want to accept it or not, everything we are and have is a result of what we have thought into existence from the time we entered the world as a child. It’s the belief systems we have programmed into our subconscious minds that determines the emotional state that causes the effects of our life. I would like to give everyone a tip. When manifesting an outcome you desire, focus on deep belly breaths and as little resistance as possible. Meditation is a key force that has proven outcomes to successfully bring desires into the present moment. Always act as though you have manifested your dreams as though the dream is now true. In essence, make your dream your life.

Enjoy and have fun.

The Power of Gratitude

 So much has been said about the power of GRATITUDE! The funny thing is that so many people are only grateful when the going is good. Or they fail to recognize the good in their lives which may be hidden in a form of a lesson. For years I wrote at least 10 “things” or people that I was truly thankful for in my life, and wow did my life take on a magic words can’t explain. Grateful thanksgiving is our connection to the source of our being. The more gratitude we call out, the more comes in..The trick is to really focus and live in this state of mind as much as possible. The infinite intelligence has a funny way of answering our asking. Ask and it will be given…What you think you become. These are wise sayings from masters and all religions, and proven in every essence of the word. No matter how your feeling today, try and develop an attitude of gratitude.

Best, Ry


 Visualization holds the key to bringing our greatest dreams to fruition. Our thoughts sets an impression on the mind which then sets the creative forces in action. The physical body responds to intense desires! Action is obviously the key in putting our focus to work! Nobody has ever seen what the mind looks like, although we have the capacity to read other minds through telepathy. How brilliant the mind is then to know we can channel energy that we absorb from the ether. Ask and it will always be given in direct proportion to the repetition of what we think and BELIEVE to be true. The visualization process can take practice, to undo old paradigms that deeply root themselves in the subconscious mind. Have fun with training your mind to see yourself in the situations you feel will make you happy.

Down Stream

 If we could live in a perfect world our lives would be likened to a river. Going with the flow of life can be a test at times, especially when there are so many distractions in the physical world. After experiencing some up stream life for the past while, I’ve gently tried without trying to shift my state of consciousness back to the true nature of our being. Our true nature is divinely guided and ever so omnipotent with and infinite energy stream. Ultimately it’s up to us to reach down deep and ask our selves “what is it that we really want?’ For most it’s love and success. With true love and success comes happiness. I’ve come and returned to happiness many times in my existence, but how we define truth is what drives my heart to push life to the limitless creatures we are. Everyday can be an awakening and one of learning. We can never get back yesterdays, we can intend tomorrows, but intuitively it’s the searching for all our questions that make us get up and pursue our passion. I’ve had my ego put in check as of late, and it’s been the most humbling experience as to date. I only want the best for people that are striving for excellence for themselves and others. I think if we can project those feelings unto the world over, going down stream will become a habitual way of life.

Only the willing find inner peace

 Inner peace can be tough at certain times in our lives when chaos comes into our lives. Speaking from personal experience and observations, anger and resentment are one and he same and two emotions to be avoided at all costs. Self control becomes easier the more willing we are to let go of old behavior patterns that hold us down and hinder spiritual and physical growth. There is such a thing of transmuting old habits into new ones, and dark thoughts into light thoughts. At the end of the day we have to be willing to let go completely of the resistance and transmit our energy into the flow of the river. If not our minds get bogged down like an eddy which makes it impossible at times to move forward and be the best we can be. Everything is connected universally and to hate another is really to hate yourself. I’ve had troubles at times of my life paying attention, but now I chose to live in the solution by working on my defects instead of dwelling on them. I meditate on a regular basis and highly suggest any form of that practice to calm the mind and feel your connectivity to source. Just breath when the going gets rough and overwhelming at times, it helps! And most important is to have people that “get you” and understand that we are all human and our present moment is where we have the opportunity to define our character.

Today I wish, success and inner peace for everyone.


Don’t Skip to Conclusions

 It’s very important when a couple isn’t getting along or have ended a relationship to respect the other individual. So many times we hear of one or the other wishing ill will or trying to be vindictive which in my opinion gets you no where fast. We have to remember the good in that person and even though it’s hard to let go, move on and wish them success and peace of mind. We all make mistakes, it takes two to tango, but it’s how we handle ourselves in the aftermath that can stave off a lot of useless  pain. The relationships that work are the ones that have a mutual respect for each other at all times. it’s much easier to be level headed and calm. I see couples that last the test of time and adversities and my hat goes off to them because of a mutual trust bond. They are the ones that don’t skip to conclusions and trust their heart. I wish for everyone that what I wish for myself…A healthy, trustworthy unbreakable bond that will not shatter no matter what. As long as you are right in your own thoughts and heart nothing will disturb your soul.