Christmas and beyond.

 It’s been a busy month so far for so many people around the world gearing up for “the big day.” I remember when I was a little guy I would get so excited about Christmas. I always loved making gifts for family and others. I speak only from personal experience, but as a youngster it had more meaning. I’ve been very aware this year that so many people stress out to the point where they can lose the true meaning of the day. My wishes are different today as all I really want is to be with my family and close friends. I was blessed to have some amazing moments this holiday season while always being grateful for my health and well being. I cherish the memories from the past and the inspiration I can draw in, in the moment. With another year almost behind us, I find it important to fill ourselves up with love and set great intentions for the year ahead. I wish you peace on Christmas day and all the days in store for you. In today’s fast moving society I think it’s important to really appreciate all that comes into our experience. What we consider bad at times is only a creative opportunity to evolve and grow into something that serves us in loving way.

God Bless

If not NOW..When??

 How many of us are great starters and poor finishers? or lets say half ass finishers or no finish at all. As far as we know we get one kick at the can on the round ball of energy we call earth. First we have to understand that there is so much value and talent in the storehouse of our being waiting to be expressed! Education has only a small part to do with the success we draw into our lives. The imagination is where all thoughts are conjured up ready for transmutation into physical reality. WE are so powerful that we can turn thought into form, what a stupendous statement! The key is to NOW impress the image over and over with desire and faith until our reality becomes what we thought. This might take a little time, I assure it will take some planning..but if we don’t act on our desires in the now, life will pass us by and who the heck wants regrets? Remember, when we make a decision the universe corresponds to the nature of our desires.

God Bless

We Radiate That Which We Are.

 It’s very obvious to the evolution of human consciousness that at the forefront of all modern day society is that science and spirituality is becoming intertwined. We don’t need to dress like a monk and chant songs of prayer to be “spiritual.” As we connect to the oneness of our eternal nature, and aware that we posses powers beyond the scope of our imagination it’s apparent that we bring about what we think and feel. What we receive moment to moment is never an accident. Awareness to environment and circumstances will always give our inner guidance the signals if we are on track. Sometimes I get anxious in the moment wondering what the future holds. And it’s until I let go absolute that life begins to flow again, then joy and comfort begins to dominate my entire being. It’s up to us ultimately to chose the people we associate with and expand with positive intention or negative mental constructs. It’s all in inside job that creates our outward circumstances, so if things aren’t flowing our way, it’s up to us to make changes. The better we feel the more in control we are. But we must be very careful when we feel so good, because there are people that love to pray on your good energy. Humility and compassion mixed with love are the key ingredients to a fulfilling long lasting friendship. Choosing friends that serve you equally is a fast track to success in any calling. Always be true to yourself.



 The more we find ourselves at peace with the present moment, the more we can bring ourselves in harmony with the laws that govern all things. We can feel the energy from within come more alive. It’s as if we are more tuned into what is flowing into every cell of our being. We are abundant beings that have energy exploding inside us ready to manifest itself into form. The more we plant images of what we want in our lives in absolute expectancy, we will realize the tremendous potentialities of the power force within. You are an infinite power source that will draw in whatever we need through intention and paying attention to our surroundings. Yes it takes a whole lot of courage to use our higher faculties, but the more we use the power of the will, the more abundant we find ourselves on a daily basis. Remember that repetition and continuous action in a calm way will guide you to the promise land.

Much Love

Helping Others.

 I love listening to people that have implemented proven principals into their lives for the benefit of helping others. I know in my personal experience that it’s through helping others I find joy, happiness and more purpose in my life. The service we render always comes back, usually in ways that inspire us with awe..BUT what it gives many of us, is the understanding that whatever we give with our hearts will make a difference in the world. Intending goodness for others throughout the day gives more meaning to our lives, and the experience has so much value. The people that come into our lives will most definitely be on a similar frequency. I’m no saint, but I offer my service in many forms every chance I get. When the times are tough, and I mean this with humble sincerity..That this is the time to express gratitude for everything we do have in life! Of course we’re going to have speed bumps and adversities in life. Instead of making a fuse and blaming others. I find forgiveness is the key to freedom in the game of life. You’ve come this far, so just think to yourself how much further you can go. Know that you hold tremendous value and untapped wisdom inside your mind. We have to do our best to accept ourselves for who we are and know that we are all in some way interconnected.

Much Love

Dig deep!

 As the days go by in my life and I become more aware to the environment that surrounds us I realize that every action, thought and deed doesn’t go unseen by an all seeing eye that governs all things. The laws of nature are immutable and when I walk through the forests I feel such a connection to an infinite source of energy that instills faith that we are all part of the whole cosmic plan of an intelligence that permeates our entire being! If we feel out of sync or alignment there’s always a reason. Maybe we aren’t on the path of accurate thinking, or perhaps we are not in sync with the people in our life that will help take our personal growth to a higher plane of existence? Whatever the case, our system is so perfectly in tune with our creator if we allow the energy to flow like a gentle stream. I’m so hard on myself at times, because I want everything to be perfect “right now” that I disallow that loving energy to penetrate my being. We are all in this mental game together in this generation which carries so many demands on the surface. If we aren’t careful we can get sick and run down from over exertion of force. Slowly but surely if we obey the intuitive faculties that have been given to us for free, we will explode with talents that we never thought existed. I don’t have to tell you that thoughts become things, because all we have to do is know that an intangible thought of energy created everything perceptible to the human experience. We do have to dig deep to succeed to certain levels of what we call success though! Nothing worth while ever came easy, and life isn’t always going to play fair. What we can do consistently to get better results is INTEND what we truly desire. Focus, focus, focus on the can do part of what you love and want to give back to the world and see a whole new universe revealed to you in a short time.

Peace and Love


Earl Nightingale recorded the “Strangest Secret” in 1961. It’s basically a condensed version of Napoleon Hills great work from the 17 Laws of Success and Think and Grow Rich. He basically sets the medium wherein we can have all our goals met by ( I love how Joseph Murphy puts it) Act as though it will and let the unseen become seen. The greatest forces are truly intangible and what we think about we become. Success come to the individual that has so developed the subconscious faculties of his mind that he or she may draw upon the universal mind to accept these vibrational requests and and act upon them. Goals are a dream with a deadline! In putting into operation the working principals of manifestation, one must let go and let god. Self suggestion, the subconscious mind and the creative imagination are all that is needed to make the energy flow directly to the formation of plans and purpose.

Yours in peace.

Accurate thinking

 One of, or the most important factors of success is the ability to source out and procure the data of which your goal stands upon with accurate thinking. Every lesson of temporary failure of defeat has been the neglect of making snap decisions based on the neglect of what could have made such a difference in outcomes. I reflect back at relationships and trust bonds, rushing into business ventures without thinking on the channels of what would be a turn key to success. I urge each and everyone of us to think soundly and accurately as possible before jumping into anything that may sound perfect. Do research and throw away guess work. If you don’t have the answers I’m sure you can procure them from an outside source. I will borrow a quote from a mentor of mine Bob Proctor “Speed up, and calm down.”

To your success

Intention brings results

 The first of the year is the time when so many of us set goals and aspirations for the next 365 days. Maybe it’s to lose more weight, make more money, find a new relationship or even create a vision board wherein we can visualize our dreams as if they are reality. When intending a goal of any kind we have to make it a definite motivating factor that will dominate our mind and therefore get picked up by the subconscious faculty and acted upon by the universal mind. I’ve mentioned before how Bob Proctor was a major influence in helping me achieve many goals by writing my goal on a card, carrying it with me at all times and reading it until my desire became tangible. Give this a shot friends and may all your dreams come true.

Happy New Year


 How many people set goals for the year?Lots!!! I have found that in my most successful years that I always carry a success journal wherever I go. This may seem weird to some, but I find that if we become orderly list oriented with our intentions… things just seem to fall into place. 2014 was a year of tremendous lessons that I am truly grateful for. I lost a lot but during the losses, little did I know what I was to gain. Seeds of a positive nature are now planted on a daily basis with more drive and passion than I ever knew I had. I have so much gratitude in my heart for the people that accept me for me. The mistakes I made last year are like pieces of coal burning in the fire as my heart knows full well the tasks at hand for more purpose in life. I wish everyone a successful and abundant 2015.