Acceptance on life’s terms

As we move through life’s experience and reflect on days past and present it’s important to be aware that we are in the midst of massive change. Along our journey on this planet it’s almost impossible to not see that we are all universally attached in some way shape or form. We all face times of adversity or challenges in life and that’s when I find it so important to take a step back, read between the lines and see that life is presenting tests for our growth in day to day moments. Continue reading “Acceptance on life’s terms”


Ryan John Phillips “Return to Happiness”
An Extraordinary Journey to Change

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Ryan John Phillips is an author, producer and humanitarian. Phillips’ journey to extraordinary change began after a series of serious challenges that derailed his hockey career and led to his incarceration in a United States federal prison for the distribution of marijuana. He was prohibited from entering the United States and separated from the love of his life, his daughter Sadie. Trying to cope with his new life, he embarked on an adventure throughout Southeast Asia resulting in the manifestation of spiritual growth and social activism.

Through the prisms of his life, Phillips has created a movement that is empowering millions with the power of positivity and focused thought. Phillips has through the power of pure storytelling, provided a powerful path to individual success. Return to Happiness will inspire you to rise above adversity and discover your maximum potential. On July 1st Ryan will be embarking on a cross Canada bicycle ride to raise awareness for the Canadian Mental Health Association. ONEMIND CYCLES purpose is to inspire people to talk about any mental health issues to help end the stigma.



Amplified Emotions

 Who’s kidding who?…We live in a fast paced society that requires our awareness to be focused in the present or else we slide out of alignment. These days with all the social media attention and other distractions that can hinder our frequencies it’s important to stay firmly rooted. Times are a changing and we either go with the flow or get left behind. We have to remember this is an experience and to make it a good one, it’s important to harness our energy and be careful who we allow into our dominant vibrations. Your inner guidance will always let you know through our emotions. If it feels off, it probably is. Manifestations are unfolding at such a rapid rate these days that It can be tough. Our evolution as a species is counting on us as a collective team to keep this planet alive. It’s intense as it has ever been especially if you’re emotions are amplified. Good health is where it starts. Injecting healthy habits in all aspects of life will be so productive in the unfolding of each persons experience. We all have a part to play in the grand scheme of things in the great arena of life. We live in a vast ocean of motion, nothing happens until something moves. So be cautious of you’re thoughts and habit life, as it will lead you into a life of harmony or the valley of misery.

Take good care friends.


If we desire something in life bad enough it’s only a matter of time before we “get it!” With sustained imagination, hard work and or course faith we find that the tools will be presented to us along the journey. The fun part of life is when you are always living your purpose. How do we do that? We need to just decide what it is we stand for and what makes us happy through the medium of serving ourselves and others. We have to value our abilities to create value for others. Once we make a definite decision, the universe corresponds to the nature of our desires. We don’t have to know how we are going to do the “thing.” We just have to know that we will..